Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Revision date: 20-06-2011

Q: Is creating a booru really free?
A: Yes.
Q: Why Gelbooru? Shimmie has much more features
A: Gelbooru has by far better performance, this means we will be able to provide you with a faster service.
Q: How do I manage my Booru?
A: Here (Log in with Booru's short name and pw)
Q: I want to have this and that feature!
A: You can post you're feature requests in the forum.
Q: OH MY GOSH! I found illegal files on one of the booru's!
A: You may send a email to [email protected]
Q: I own the copyright to one of the images on a booru.
A: Fill in this form
Q: Can i use a top level domain for my booru?
A: We are currently working on this and it may be possible in the future.
Q: The gelbooru version on this site sucks! I want the new one gelbooru is using!
A: The new version requires manual setup and uses more resources, because of this its not free.